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2013 National iAwards Winners Showcase the Latest in ICT Innovation and Productivity

eWAY awarded in national and state iAwards for Research and Development for Rapid 3.0.
Matt Bullock
12 August 2013

eWAY and Xero payment service integration delivers big value for small businesses

Xero integrates eWAY’s Pay Now payment service into its online invoicing system to deliver instant invoice payments for businesses.

Australian retailers rally to reduce GST exemption

Domestic retailers are pushing hard to reduce the threshold on GST for imports.

E-commerce isn't just books and clothes anymore: Aussies buying food online

Online grocery shopping is beginning to take up a larger proportion of total Web-based sales.

UK consumers embracing mobile payments

Like Aussies, U.K. consumers are becoming more comfortable with and aware of contactless mobile payments.

Keeping PCI in mind when starting to accept online payments

Merchants may want to tap into the lucrative e-commerce market, but security and PCI compliance shouldn't fall by the wayside.
Jason Jeffries
14 June 2013

Report: More Aussies filling up their online shopping carts

For the first time, there were more Australians making online purchases in a three-month period that there were people who didn't.
Matt Bullock
12 June 2013

Online merchants targeting B2B clients

More B2B enterprises are offering their wares via online platforms.

Kiwis beef up their credit card spend

Higher spending in New Zealand destination spots is just one source of increased credit card spending: Domestic merchants are going international too.

Businesses take heed: Australians increasingly turning to mobile, social

With smartphone use growing, mobile access of social media sites has risen too. The trend may provide an opportunity for online merchants.
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