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E-commerce isn't just books and clothes anymore: Aussies buying food online

Online grocery shopping is beginning to take up a larger proportion of total Web-based sales.

Kiwis beef up their credit card spend

Higher spending in New Zealand destination spots is just one source of increased credit card spending: Domestic merchants are going international too.

Businesses take heed: Australians increasingly turning to mobile, social

With smartphone use growing, mobile access of social media sites has risen too. The trend may provide an opportunity for online merchants.

The move to online commerce can be a team effort

More companies in New Zeland and Asia-Pacific are gaining traction online.
Tony McGrath
07 June 2013

Ecommerce in Asia-Pacific picks up

Studies have shown e-commerce to be on the rise across Asia-Pacific. Accepting payments online can expand the market and boost sales.

Companies enter e-commerce market in Asia-Pacific region

International companies are moving in to online shopping in the Asia-Pacific region.

Online Aussie retailers get ally in GST overhaul

U.S. retail giant Williams-Sonoma recently joined domestic voices in calling for GST reform.

Online shopping hits grocery stores in Indonesia

Ecommerce has expanded to grocery shopping in Indonesia, a sign of the growing online shopping industry across the Asia-Pacific region.

Small businesses expected to increase social media efforts

Small businesses plan on using social media more often to bolster marketing and improve sales this year.
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