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Online retailers should prep for mobile holiday shopping boom

As if having an online store wasn't enough of a technological advancement for retailers, many are seeing further room for improvement when it comes to a digital presence, specifically planning for mobile shopping. Online retailers better get on the mobile bandwagon soon, as new research shows Australian consumers will be using mobile devices in droves to shop for the holidays.

According to Google Australia, 40 percent of Australian consumers are expected to use smartphones and tablets to shop during Christmas. The figure is more than double the number from last year.

The research found a 20 percent year-over-year increase in shopping related searches, and 40 percent of all shopping searches are now done on mobile devices, and is expected to keep growing.

"We reckon there will be close to a million new devices turned on between now and Christmas when you think about the iPad launch and the new iPhone launch," said Ross McDonald, Google Australia leader for local and retail. "That means there will be more and more Australians using them to make decisions on what they're going to buy for Christmas."

McDonald said during the last three years, the highest number of mobile searches have all occurred in the week before Christmas. He estimated mobile queries could make up 50 percent of all searches during that same period this year.
Matt Bullock
14 November 2012

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